Things I made in my free time.

Shitty Idle

Shittyidle is an idle game with a city setting. I started it as a project to explore JavaScript and Vue and show it to a friend.

Visit the project.

Read the code on GitHub.

Rough Budget

Rough-Budget is a tool to create an approximate budget. It is designed for easy use and to reduce the barrier of entry to budgeting.

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After venturing into photography I experimented a little with film. I produced a few short videos for my work, but my personal experiments on editing and videography are shared on Youtube.

Visit the project. CMS

To play around with more basic website design, I worked on a small custom content management system (CMS). I use it to serve this website and edit my paper and project lists.

Visit the project.

Read the code on GitHub.

David Mödinger, 2019

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